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Your data is never shared with anyone, including with our AI model.
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Powered by SQLCoder

The industry-leading AI model for querying structured data - built by Defog.

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The most accurate text-to-SQL model
SQLCoder is our specialised large language model to query structured data. It outperforms all major models in the market on these tasks.
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>300,000 downloads and counting
Since we open sourced SQLCoder in 2023, it has seen consistent and fast-growing adoption among experts in the field.
Robust evaluation platform
SQLEval is our extensible, open-source evaluation framework to measure the accuracy of our models.
Interpretability at the core
Our models are designed to be interpretable and explainable, so you can trust the results it gives you.

What experts say about SQLCoder

“Open models are now starting to surpass GPT-4 for specialized tasks. For example, the best open source model for SQL is SQLCoder-34B.”

Clement Delangue, CEO, Hugging Face

“Defog SQLCoder-34B is faaar better than any other open-source text2sql model out there.”

Pawel Zwadzki, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

“I have tried pretty much every NL -> SQL model out there, and Defog's model is by far the best. It's one of the only examples I know of more broadly that has been able to achieve GPT4-level results.”

Or Hiltch, Chief Data and AI Architect, JLL

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