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Deploy accurate AI-assisted data analysis with Defog's all-in-one platform.

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Best LLM for the job

Our model SQLCoder answers questions with a higher accuracy than any other proprietary or open source model currently in the market.

Over 200,000 open-source downloads in 7 months

Consistent and deterministic results every time, unlike other models

Rapidly improving accuracy and latency with every new release

Answers you can trust

Our training and inference engine help you get the most out of SQLCoder.

Produces accurate results, even when specialized knowlege is required

Captures explicit rules from database schema and glossary instructions

Extracts hidden tribal knowledge from golden queries and user feedback

Infinitely configurable user experience

Defog’s extensible front-end application is designed to provide an infinitely customizable interface for your users. Defog intelligently visualizes the data and allows users to dig deeper with follow-on questions.

It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with familiar BI tools like Tableau and PowerBI.

Keep your data private

Defog is architected to ensure your data is never accessed or moved. Our Hard Filters ensure row-level access can be appropriately restricted for individual users.

Our on-prem option gives ultimate control with the model, training and inference all hosted locally in your environment.

Powered by SQLCoder

Defog is powered by SQLCoder – the best performing open-source model for text-to-SQL generation.

State-of-the-art model

SQLCoder is the industry-leading model for SQL generation, significantly outperforming all major models for out-of-training set SQL schemas in Postgres. When fine-tuned on individual database schemas, SQLCoder has 99+% accuracy for text to SQL conversions.

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Our evaluation framework

SQL-Eval is our open source framework to evaluate the correctness of LLM-generated SQL. Our goal is to produce a reproducible framework that measures both the complexity and semantic diversity of queries.

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Supported databases

SQLCoder is compatible with all major SQL databases and data warehouses.

Accelerate your deployment with an all-in-one platform