Deploy fine-tuned LLMs
for enterprise analytics

Fine-tune, manage and monitor AI models that translate natural language to SQL and Python, without sharing your data.

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Handle complex enterprise workflows

Defog is built to integrate with and automate complex data workflows in enterprises.

Compatible with any SQL database

Answer questions that require pages of SQL

Complete multi-step analytics tasks with Defog Agents

Train on your custom metrics and industry codes

Make it yours

Deploy a model customized for your database schema and owned by you.

Fine-tune the model on your database schema

Align Defog with your business rules

Continuously improve based on human feedback

Manage, monitor and control

Defog provides solutions to control and constrain model output, monitor performance, and catch model regression.

Keep your data private

Defog only uses metadata to fine-tune LLMs for you – it's never given access to your actual database. You can use our cloud offering or deploy models on-prem.


Add Defog as a widget to your existing dashboards, embed it in your app, or use it as a standalone tool

Fine-tune our LLM on your enterprise data