Deploy fine-tuned LLMs
for enterprise analytics

Speed up data analyses in SQL, Python and R with AI assistants and agents tailored for your business - without sharing your data.

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More answers, less waiting

Let business teams ask questions of data in natural language and get results - when they need it.

Privacy-centric integration with any SQL database or data warehouse

Answer questions that can require pages of SQL

Automatically visualise data as tables and charts

Fine-tuned on your metadata to give results you can trust

Focus on what you do best

Handle complex and repetitive workflows in SQL, Python and R with human-in-the-loop agents.

Automates trial and error in statistical analyses

Decomposes complex, multi-part questions into executable tasks

Orchestrates handing off each task to an appropriate AI model

Generates reports for editing and collaboration

Tailored to your business

Go beyond generic models. Defog uses AI that is customized for your database schema and aligned to your business logic. Deploy fine-tuned models, monitor their performance and stay aligned with human feedback.

Keep your data private

Defog only uses metadata to fine-tune LLMs for you – it's never given access to your actual database. You can use our cloud offering or deploy models on-prem.

Powered by SQLCoder

Defog is powered by SQLCoder – the best performing open-source model for text-to-SQL generation.

State-of-the-art model

SQLCoder-34B outperforms OpenAI’s gpt-4 and gpt-4-turbo on text to SQL generation, and significantly outperforms all major open-source models for out-of-training set SQL schemas in Postgres. When fine-tuned on individual database schemas, SQLCoder-34B has 99+% accuracy for text to SQL conversions.

Our evaluation framework

SQL-Eval is our open source framework to evaluate the correctness of LLM-generated SQL. Our goal is to produce a reproducible framework that measures both the complexity and semantic diversity of queries.

Supported databases

SQLCoder is compatible with all major SQL databases and data warehouses.

Fine-tune our LLM on your enterprise data