AI for the Enterprise

Enterprises waste hundreds of man-hours every week in the back and forth between data teams and business users. Defog helps you deliver personalized data that answer business users' questions at the right time, without the need to know SQL or hassle data teams.

Data analytics & reports

Get an AI data analyst on command, with expertise about your business.

Contextual chat

Give the right kinds of answers to the right level of user personas.


Automatically visualize tables as charts and graphs to help users understand data better.

Fine-tuned to your business

Defog is customized to understand and answer questions specific to your domain.

Statistical Modelling

Defog can build statistical models under the hood, and run t-tests, regressions and more.

Easy integrations, powerful engine

Defog is built to integrate with your existing data infrastructure, without the need to move your data or change your data access policies. We also take care of the heavy lifting of training and deploying the model, so you can focus on running your business.

One-click deployment

Use our Docker image to get started with on-prem deployments in minutes, or use our API to get started with a cloud-hosted deployment.

Feedback & alignment

We fine-tune the model based on user feedback to guarantee 98+% accuracy.


Defog corrects runtime errors on its own, so you always get valid SQL.

Metric definitions

Define your company-specific metrics once, and Defog will remember them forever.

No Privacy Compromises

We architected Defog with privacy in mind from day one. Defog answers questions without ever accessing your data. It takes your database metadata as input. Our fine-tuned large language models generate the right SQL statements. The SQL is executed on your infrastructure via a microservice and sent to your front-end. Your data doesn’t reach our servers.

Privacy-first architecture

Defog is architected to ensure we never access your database or move your data.

API deployment

Deploy Defog as an API on-prem, with your own security and privacy safeguards, or in the cloud – with Defog's authentication built in.

On-prem options

Run Defog on your GPUs with ease.

Access control

Refine and restrict the kinds of data that employees have access to.

Third-party penetration tests

Be secure knowing that your data is safe with Defog. We go through annual penetration tests to ensure our security is top-notch.

Accelerate your deployment with an all-in-one platform